Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision



K-Factor corporate strategy is to operate globally and in line with the standards of the oil and gas industry. The natural course of business leads to contracts directly with both refineries and end buyers. we actively seek to enter and develop long-term relationships.


To become a world leader in international commodities as an allocation holder and trade desk for refined and semi refined petroleum, gas and hydrocarbon product.


To be the preferred provider and commodity industry leader, dealing with consistent suppliers and buyers by 2023, using superior methodology and employing exceptional people and business partners.

By "unpacKing" the vision statement, one could highlight the key meaning contained therein, which are the following:

  • "...by 2023..." means that our endeavour is linked to a stretched, yet achievable timeframe for measuring success,
  • "...through superior methodology..." means that what we do and how we do it should surpass what is considered to be "best-practice", and
  • "...exceptional people..." means that our people are committed, motivated and involved in reaching the higher echelons of our industry.
  • "...be the preferred provider..." means that any client would recognise that K-Factor is the first to be consulted,
  • "...and industry leader..." means that we would outperform any other similar institution pertaining quality, standard and services delivery,
  • "...suppliers and buyers..." means that we would be recognised as an invaluable strategic partner by local and international industries,