Values & Responsibilities

Values & Responsibilities



Being honest with self and with others.


The core focus in client retention.


The real value of K-Factor is our people


Open to innovative suggestions to enhance the services and operations of the company.


Every person in K-Factor accepts responsibility and accountability for actions.

Corporate Responsibility

K-Factor firmly believes in the creation of opportunities. The development of disadvantaged communities. once the rollout has been completed we anticipate a direct employment opportunity for more than two million people throughout the value-added supply chain.

we also support aid to the vulnerable. our aid partners will be registered for the following public benefit activities: food, water, medical services, education & training, and sustainability. The people that may receive benefit from these activities will not be part of the formal economy, eligible for support and enterprise development opportunities.

Value Offering

K-Factor is fully conversant in the areas of commodities, resources, logistics and procurement.

In South Africa, K-Factor is duly registered and licensed petroleum wholesaler in South Africa with an import and export licence for South Africa. with our vast, combined expertise we strive to source accessible Fuel Solutions for all sectors related to the Industrial Fuel marKet. petrol, Diesel (10 ppm / 50 ppm / 500 ppm), Aviation Fuel, Jet Fuel, kerosene, Crude oil or any related commodity .As a procurer and supplier we endeavour to exceed customer expectations and to meet secure and trustworthy marKet values.

The K-Factor of companies is guided and characterised in its methodologies of firm, direct, honest and legal business practices and principles. we have confidence that without the dedicated supply of quality commodity to enable mobility and fluidity in operations, successful enterprises and society will quite literally come to a standstill. our objective aim is to lead the way in innovative energy resource and provisions by sourcing and providing commodity of the highest quality with a transparent and reliable service to local and international commodity traders / purchasers.